Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Beast from the East

A clever man once told me to,"Think of the 10 most important moments of your life. I bet seven of them involved food and three of those took place around the dinner table". Amen, brother.

On the east side of town, a contractor threw up a set of apartments. They're all very nice and sit right next to the city's new Greenway Project. Each apartment features a balcony and each balcony was made of wood. At the end of the build, there was a small stack of 2x6 remnants left over. Through a friend in-the-know, Chucked Wood inherited this stack and began searching for a project to match. It was found as we finished the build for the family that now spends time around this table:

They had friends that were also "in the market" for a table, too. By the end of our first chat, it was very clear that this family knew how to celebrate the little things in life often overlooked by others. They use words like "massive, cool, warm, one-of-a-kind & able to take a beating" when describing their dream table. They wanted a piece that would not only withstand the chaos of two growing boys but one that would be there for future confirmation dinners, graduation lunches and wedding feasts. Family is important to this, well uh... this family.

So, this 4'x8' piece was designed, created & held together with approximately eleventy billion Kreg Jig pocket joints, delivered then... beaten up, engraved, distressed by the fam:
event the dog got a piece of the action.
And then... returned to Chucked Wood, sanded, stained, sealed (by the way, the gang at Minwax know how to crank out a damn fine product that gets it done), re-delivered and now sits atop two antique sewing machines that serve as its base.
Even a wide angle can't contain this 4'x8' beast!
As a dad to two amazing little minions, I connected with this family's passion for life and laughter. The build was blog-worthy and now exists for you to see. So, tonight at dinner, look around the table at the faces that share in your daily life. Savor them, because not only do they cherish us, but odds are, they have some juicy gossip on us that they can use to destroy us down the road.

Here's to life!


Just a small sampling of the details work the family created. 

Ain't it the truth?! And, note all of their hand prints in the center. Awesome.

The Tic-Tac-Toe grid is for nights when they have peas & corn for dinner
These were a score, & still function!