Monday, February 27, 2012

Grow, dammit!

This was quite a fun week... we held a contest over at the Chucked Wood facebook page in an effort to pick a name for the latest "chucking", a 7.5' tall trellis made from a really cool shipping pallet and ~30' of metal cable. The wood from the pallet had some really amazing features including scars from the original mill work and even tree bark:


The contest lasted through the week and by Friday, "All Chucked Up" was named the winner. Congratulations to the Melissa G. for her winning entry! My two minions (aka: kids) enjoyed all the great names. And, although there "Chimichanga Fence" was not a choice, I was thrilled that they were interested!

Sunday afternoon was spent dropping this big beast into the proud owners' garden , training the ivy to climb it and taking a few parting shots (of the trellis, not the owner).

The next goal; turning this pallet hobby of mine into a full-time reality. Now, where did I put that Magic Wand...?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts on the LYMI Tea Table

My "side project", Chucked Wood donated a piece to the American Heart Association's Heart Ball. It became a very personal journey along they way and one of my favorites to date. Here are some pics of the Tea Table and what I wrote to accompany it:

My dad is missing the tip of his finger from a table saw accident. He can still feel the tingle from a digit that isn’t there.

My dad has curly eyebrows that he fiddles with when he is deep in thought. It drives my mom crazy.
My dad has a scar on his chest from a double bypass surgery in 2011. It is a reminder of a day that saved his life. A side-effect being his new-found craving for tea.

No one at Cone Health gave up on giving Dad new life; he's better now than before the bypass.
This table is made completely out of wood that was tossed out. Used up.
This table has two board that are split. Yet, they still serve a purpose.
Most of the wood is peppered with knots. Yet, someone finds it beautiful.
The center beams do not line up. It drives my mom crazy.

Saying that a pallet is only a pallet is like saying a heart is only a muscular organ.
The heart is where we store our love, our grace, our faith.
My dad raised two kids with these virtues and still has more to go around. Anyone he comes in contact with can attest to this.
Those that know him best understand LYMI completely.
Enjoy tonight. Give what you can. May you live like that every day.
And Dad...
Love ya’, mean it.