Monday, March 11, 2013

I Walk for My Superhero

Now that March is here, it's time to celebrate two things:
1. St. Patty's Day (I can tast the Guinness already)

In 2007, my wife got the call that the numbness she was experiencing in her extremities was, in fact, Multiple Sclerosis. It truly gave us a one-two punch and then just kept hitting. After the near-bankruptcy, picking up our life and having to move as well as the moments of self-doubt, I was reminded of something... why I love my wife.

Shelby has never once given up. Through the poking and prodding,  the self-injections of medication, the side-splitting headaches, she has never waived a white flag. She's held down three part time jobs, started her own catering business, inspired me to begin Chucked Wood and is now the catering liaison for Whole Foods Market, Greensboro. She's amazing, and I walk for her.

The National MS Society has given us so many opportunities to join in the fight against MS. They have also cared for us as people, not as victims. We know the staff on a first name basis, they host informational events and book top-tier speakers and they do anything and everything they can to make a positive difference in the lives of so many that may be overwhelmed by negativity. They're amazing, and I walk for them. 

Our friends and family have rallied to support That Girl's Team every year. Your love and contributions mean the world to us... literally. Thank you for the support, for joining the team and for every happy moment that you have given the Phillips Phamily. You're amazing, and we walk for you.

HERE is a link my personal Walk MS site. If you are able, any amount helps me reach my goal.

Here's to life!



  1. I hope to somehow be sharing in this journey with you...I'll be in touch...

  2. Corey, you guys have always been a help and inspiration to us. Wish we could be there to participate. But you guys are always in our thoughts.

    1. :) Thank you Rachel... this is awesome! PS- the walk was REALLY great.