Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Wife Kicks (MS's) Ass

Why I Walk...
My wife, Shelby was diagnosed with MS six years ago. This lousy disease flipped our lives upside-down several times over. We were scared, clueless about MS and facing MAJOR hospital bills and the debt that those bills left us with. Each time we were ready to throw in the towel the National MS Society was there. They sent a nurse to our house to educate us, they offered us a shoulder to lean on and they have covered CAT Scans when we had nothing in our bank account. This support was made possible by your donations. Thank you.

As amazing as the Society has been, my wife's resilience has surpassed it. She works two jobs, raises two children (three, if you count me) and manages her own private catering business. I do what I can year round, but this walk is a culmination of all the times I could do more.

My wife kicks ass. She has MS. MS does not have her.

Why We Fight MS
Having multiple sclerosis means that you may not be able to walk when you wake up. Or that you may suddenly have impaired vision. Or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. The symptoms of MS are different, and devastating, for everyone - the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day. That sucks.

Why You Should Sponsor Me
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society will use funds collected from the MS Walk to not only support research for a cure tomorrow, but also to provide programs which address the needs of people living with MS today. Because we choose to walk for those who sometimes can't, because we choose to donate to the MS Walk, we are getting closer to the hour when no one will have to hear the words, "You have MS."

To donate: CLICK HERE

Here's to life!


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