Monday, February 27, 2012

Grow, dammit!

This was quite a fun week... we held a contest over at the Chucked Wood facebook page in an effort to pick a name for the latest "chucking", a 7.5' tall trellis made from a really cool shipping pallet and ~30' of metal cable. The wood from the pallet had some really amazing features including scars from the original mill work and even tree bark:


The contest lasted through the week and by Friday, "All Chucked Up" was named the winner. Congratulations to the Melissa G. for her winning entry! My two minions (aka: kids) enjoyed all the great names. And, although there "Chimichanga Fence" was not a choice, I was thrilled that they were interested!

Sunday afternoon was spent dropping this big beast into the proud owners' garden , training the ivy to climb it and taking a few parting shots (of the trellis, not the owner).

The next goal; turning this pallet hobby of mine into a full-time reality. Now, where did I put that Magic Wand...?

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