Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Being awesome is hard work.

Having the best intentions is one thing; staying true to them is another. By the grace of God I recently started a new business (a side-project really, for now...) and with it, was committed to starting a blog. Yes, the one you are reading now. You know the one... a whopping 6 posts to date. How gloriously underwhelming of me, you say?

Yes, I agree.

Again, I had good intentions. Like many families these days, the economy his taking its toll on mine. And, we work really REALLY hard to make ends meet. Little does the economy know, my wife is from Jersey and was raised on Trans Ams & Springsteen. The first time I drove up to visit her in NJ, I was pulled over because my Bon Jovi sticker was expired... fuhgedaboudit.

So, we're committed (like any good family) to do whatever we can to improve the lives of our kids. I revel in getting the kids up and packing lunches in the morning, getting our daughter to the bus on time and our son to day care. Then it's off to work from 8am-6pm, sitting on the board for Win-Win Resolutions, back home and dinner in the oven (my wife works two three jobs and often we have opposite schedules). In all this whirlwind called "our life", why not start a small company that builds custom furniture out of wooden pallets?! But man do I love it! I get to be outside, with the kids, music playing, power tools roaring, chaos and mayhem and toasted cheese sandwiches, whoo!

Now, I just need a coach of some sort. Someone to point out the warning signs and successes so I don't miss either. Someone to encourage me to step into the abyss of entrepreneurship and offer a reassuring, "good luck" on the way out. Maybe it's not just one person, maybe it's many. Maybe it's Chuck Norris!

In all the ups and downs, there is a least one intention that I am committed too; a hearty laugh with others EVERY chance I get. That, and instilling in my children that, no matter how old you get or what situation you're in, "poop" is ALWAYS a funny word.

I'll get better at posting more pictures of projects soon. In the meantime, here is a before and after of 100+ year old barn wood. ALl I did was sand it, apply a wood conditioner and a clear Poly. It's truly amazing what can happen when someone take the time to brush the dust off...

Here's to life!

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