Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shamless Plug

Behold! The latest edition to the Chucked Wood world; my Fizzy Crate Book Case. I was commissioned  to build two of these for a great lady. I love the idea of the pallet wood bases with the cut-aways used for the forklift tines.

The customer was my first official customer as Chucked Wood. Pretty cool to get a check made out to a company I "birthed". I'm sure this is exactly what birthing kids is like... right? Okay, maybe not exactly the same, but if you remove the epideral, pushing, panting, blood, guts and living breathing thingy. But otherwise, it's got to be the same thing...


  1. Hi! I couldn't find a place to send you a message so I'll just post here instead. :) Jennifer Randall (my sister-in-law) thought that you & your wife/my husband and I would have a lot in common so hence I am contacting you. You can check out our blog at http://wearerandalls.com if you're curious/ interested in who we are, too :)

  2. Hello my 500th friend! Yes, Jennifer was kind enough to share your blog... love it (and I am jealous of your talents). I am stuck in a rut these days and am looking for more and more ways to break out using my creative side. Building furniture and blogging are about as far as I've gotten. Any tips on managing a successful blog would be VERY much appreciated! I hope you had an incredible Turkey Day and I look forward to hearing more from you all. Feel free to use the Facebook messenger.